How to write good SEO content for Google Optimization

How to write good SEO content for Google Optimization

If you want your company website or individual blog to command a wider following, an exceptional content on its own will not cut it. One of the challenges that good bloggers and content marketers face is crafting content that fares well on the Google search engine. The excellent news is that good SEO content writing is a task that can help you overcome.

So, how do you write SEO content that ranks well in Google?

Research keywords

Google determines the pertinence of your content by the number of times and where you use certain words. Therefore, it is important to identify the phrases and keywords related to your topic that most people are searching for in Google. Incorporate those keywords into your work and proceed to track how your keywords rank using tools like SEMrush or Serpstat.

Position the keywords strategically

Be tactical with the use of your selected keywords. In the past, you could just fix them anywhere aimlessly. However, that no longer works.

Be strategic and make sure there is a keyword in the title, at least in the first H1 and H2, as well as in your first 300 words. The keywords should also be used in a way that flows well with your piece.

Offer value to your readers

As you set out to write good search optimized content, it is imperative that you keep in mind that you are not doing it for Google algorithms. As much as you want it to rank well, you want real people to be able to read, understand and relate to your ideas. If you want to offer them a solution to a certain problem, ask yourself, is your

solution realistic? Has it been tested? Will it help them?

Make your content long enough to accomplish your objectives Longer articles and blogs tend to fare well with search engines. Research has shown that the most popular blogs and articles are longer than 600 words. As you create your piece, ensure that it offers some in-depth insight to the reader. This way, you will be informative to your audience, and ranking higher on the search engines will be quite easier.

Track and analyze your work

Making good SEO content is a continuous process. Do not just post your work and forget about it. Follow up and closely monitor your work using Google analytics. If you notice that your site is attracting a high bounce rate, it means that visitors are not sticking around long enough. In most cases, it’s likely that your page isn’t offering them what they are looking for. You may be required to make your keywords more appropriate as this may be an indication that your page is not well optimized.

Acknowledge that becoming good at writing Search engine optimization content takes time!

If your content does not rank well the first time, do not give up just yet. Get back to your analytics, gain new insights into what you could improve, then get back to it. Just like any other activity that requires you to be skillful, you ought to keep refining your acquired knowledge. With each time, try to apply it more effectively and observe the results. Eventually, you will know if you are making good progress.

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