Get Your Inbox Under Control

How many of us have an inbox that is overflowing with emails?  There are a lot of people who get hundreds of emails in a day’s time.  Some get flagged and some are left sitting.  There are those who are unsure of what to do with the emails, especially, if you find yourself needing the emails from time to time.  Searching for these emails can really cut down on productivity and you end up finding yourself feeling swamped with receiving emails.  Eventually you end up email hoarding and you wind up with thousands of emails in your inbox and no clue what to do with them.

Flagging emails can help sort through urgent emails.  However, if you fail to follow up on these emails, the flagging is doing you no good.  A good rule of thumb is if you can answer the email in around three minutes, do so, and then delete the email.  If you feel you are going to need the email for future references, create a folder.  You do not want a single email in one folder, if you can group emails of similar subjects.  This would be another way to de-clutter your inbox.  Emails of similar subjects or individuals that you will need for six months or more should be put into a folder.  Periodically clean out your folders deleting emails that are obsolete.

If you get hoards of junk mail, consider reconfiguring your spam settings.  It is not wise to leave the junk mail sitting in your inbox when you can get rid of the mail easily.  As soon as you notice it is junk mail, delete it.  Generally you will be able to tell what is junk and what is not by subject title, therefore, making it easy to delete without even looking.  Sift through the remaining emails and the ones that should be passed on, pass them on, and then delete them.  Any leftover emails that do not fit in a folder, can be answered quickly, does not need to be kept, or is not junk, read them and delete them.

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